1. doctor: sir we asked you to tape your allergic reactions this is just a video of you skateboarding
  2. me: tell me thats not sick
  3. doctor: haha yeah its pretty fucking sick dude
Anonymous said:
let's be friends! snapchat?

uhhhhhh hey it’s great you want to be my friend!! but i rarely, rarely ever give my snapchat to people i don’t know or haven’t had a conversation with before


don’t be my friend on snapchat i will try and send u cute selfies 24/7

do u kno who needs to plot w/ me? take-a-vowel needs to plot w/ me

He smiled at her. And it hit her like a mallet to the temple, the realization that she was in love with him. Stupidly, dreadfully in love with him. Overnight, she’d become a fool.
Sherry Thomas, Private Arrangements (via simply-quotes)